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Transformers 40th Anniversary Trading Card Booster Box (Pre-Order Ships September 2024)

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Look for 1 of 4 exclusive Transformers Metal Art cards, 1:24 foil packs.

Complete set includes
- 110 base cards
- 110 Rainbow Holofoil parallel cards
- 6 Creator Art – Bob Budiansky cards
- 6 Creator Art – Simon Furman cards
- 40 One-of-One Unique Single Print cards randomly inserted in select packs
- Signed and Sketch Art cards randomly minserted in select packs

Travel back to 1984 with this special collection of Transformers trading cards!

Each of these 110 cards is printed on old school paperboard stock, similar to what fans would have collected alongside their original Transformers toys. Each pack is enveloped in the original wax style wrapper.

Dynamite Entertainment's Transformers Trading Cards bring the imagery of these icons to life in a wonderful collection of 110 cards of Gen 1 Transformers models - these are the originals from the Autobots and Decepticons celebrating their 40th anniversary!

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Ironhide, Soundwave and so many more have been assembled from Hasbro’s design archives and an international array of top artists who created completely new art cards. Signature Cards from Bob Budiansky and Simon Furman, celebrated Transformers Comic Book artist and writer respectively.

40 different one of one unique cards for collector chase value, along with individually unique artist sketch cards, that are also signed by the artist, are randomly inserted throughout the foil packs.

A beautiful glossy parallel set can be found throughout all the configurations, while the hobby blaster box offers fans a unique throwback experience.

These base cards in blasters will be in the throwback 80's designs and card stock - a classic parallel within the set that brings fans back to their youth! Only in the blaster boxes! Your favorite Transformers, classic and new art, and all of the collecting experiences from then, and now in one release celebrating this milestone anniversary.

Collect History!