Pokemon Mystery Bundle - Pack Opening Value Bundle (Select Size)

Size: 16 Packs
Sale price$78.99
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This product is intended for those looking for a surprise bundle of booster packs to open. Great for gifts, or to spoil yourself with a little surprise!

Packs in the bundle will have prices higher on our website than what you will pay for the bundle. For example, if you purchase the $39.99 tier box, we will not ship you packs with a total sale value on our website lower than this number.

Packs that this mystery bundle can contain are:

  • SWSH Base Set
  • SWSH Rebel Clash
  • SWSH Darkness Ablaze
  • SWSH Vivid Voltage
  • SWSH Battle Styles
  • SWSH Chilling Reign
  • SWSH Evolving Skies
  • SWSH Fusion Strike
  • SWSH Brilliant Stars
  • SWSH Astral Radiance
  • SWSH Lost Origin

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